Chairman Brian Kilty writes:

Just to give notice that once again this year, we will be taking part as an IJLB Contingent at the Remembrance Sunday Parade in Oswestry. We are a contingent within the Veterans Group. There are quite a number of contingents including Regimental Associations, CCF, ACF and AC. For such a small town it is a very big parade and well attended by towns people too. The affection and respect for the Armed Forces is still very strong in the town.

We form up with the rest of the Parade at the Bailey Head. The Parade then marches to the War Memorial Gates of the Cae Glas Park. The Memorial Service follows a normal form, during which we lay one of two wreaths

Directly following there is a church service in St Oswald’s, which as will be recalled, is almost adjacent to the Memorial Gates. After the service, Oswestry School CCF contingent (numbering about 100) march to and assemble at the IJLB Memorial and together with ss, lay a wreath at the Memorial

Dress. Jacket or Blazer or Suit. Tie, either IJLB or own Regiments. Medals. Headdress if wished. Time, 1030hrs at the Bailey Head. Last year there were 11 of us