Association Update

Association Update

Dear Member,
Our IJLB Association main aim is to foster an Esprit de Corps and promote the best interests of ex Junior Leaders, Junior Soldiers and particularly our members.
Because of the current restrictions this email is sent to you so that we can carry out a Roll Call and make sure that our communication continues and our members are all in good health and good spirit. Therefore, would you please acknowledge receipt of this email, by replying directly to the Secretary, Ronnie Paterson at his email below?
If you are in need of help or assistance please let us know.

Whilst Lock downs and restrictions have meant our social events have been curtailed this year activities are still ongoing in the background with our members preparing a video of the Oswestry site in order to rekindle memories for those that serve there.

It is evident that this year Covid restrictions will affect all Remembrance events big and small throughout the UK. However, the Committee are pleased to inform you that our Chairman, Brian Kilty, assisted by Bill McKenna will lay two wreaths in Oswestry one at the Town War Memorial and the other at our IJLB Memorial in Glass Park.

The Chairman and Committee wish you and your family a very enjoyable Christmas when it comes. We are in difficult times. Also, with the COVID19 second Lockdown in England upon us with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already going through similar restrictions. We must all be careful.

As the country approaches Remembrance Sunday on 8th November, I would humbly remind you of some our brothers and members who have passed away during 2019 and 2020 years.  They were:
Norman Gordon Keer – November 2019
Peter Hogg – November 2019
Robert MacDonald Baillie – November 2019
Ray Ironmonger April 2020
Robert Charters August 2020
Colin Cole  August 2020

If there are any more notifications of anyone passing for our “Lest we Forget” records we would be grateful to hear from you. 
Finally, I would implore you and your family to adhere to the self-isolation rules during this difficult time. Stay Safe
Yours aye
Ronnie Paterson
IBB & IJLB Association
Tel: 07919 334444