About the IBB & IJLB Association


This website, which currently has hundreds of  members, is owned and operated by the Association and managed by an elected committee of volunteers (No-one is paid in any way) on a not for profit basis with the aim of reuniting ex members, including Permanent Staff and Civilian Instructors, of the following units……


Infantry Boys Battalion

Tuxford – Harrogate – Plymouth.

Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion

Plymouth – Oswestry – Shorncliffe.

Junior Infantry Wing


The Association

The Association was founded in the late 1990s by the late Charlie McGrogan, who laid down the structure and constitution on which the Association is based.

The Association as we know it today really took off when Bryan (Wobbly) Roberts started a small personal website dedicated to IJLB which included a forum allowing us to communicate.

Today we have progressed and communicate through our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as via electronic methods including this website.

The Association continues to support young men and women who wish to enter into an Army career through associations with AFC Harrogate, School Combined Cadet Forces and Army Cadet Contingents.

Our members give these young people the benefit of their experiences in both military and civilian life. Passing on information as to how the excellent training we received helped our careers both in and outside of the military.


Our Membership includes ex boys from the very first IBB intake at Tuxford in 1952  an Junior Leaders up to the last IJLB passing out parade at Shorncliffe in 1985 when the unit was disbanded, our members are spread world-wide including, America, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Bosnia and Spain to name but a few, with many travelling to Oswestry for the reunions.


The Association is very active socially with many  social events and get togethers every year.

From small get togethers in a TA Centre in Milton Keynes we have progressed to having full on Reunions in Oswestry on an annual basis, they are always very well attended so make sure you book early. 

The “Golf and Port Society” GAPS meets on the Friday prior to the Saturday Reunion. Then on the Saturday we meet for lunch and in the afternoon there is time to meet and greet with a formal reunion dinner in the evening, the next reunion in Oswestry will be on 3RD September 2022. We are also now holding a Reunion in Shorncliffe for those who served there.



On the Saturday morning of the reunion weekend sees the Annual General Meeting of The Association where members can discuss the work done during the year and obtain reports of Association Business.

Remembrance Sunday

We always have a strong representation at Remembrance Sunday in Oswestry after which we retire to The Fox for lunch and drinks.


There is a very well supported informal Golf group who play on a regular basis all over the UK and sometimes the world. Anyone interested in joining should contact The Association Secretary for information.


There is an extensive Gallery of thousands of photo’s, have a look there is bound to be someone you know in there.

We are constantly adding to the Gallery to develop a fitting memorial to all those who served as Junior Leaders.

If you have any photographs of your time no matter where you served send them to us to include in our archives.


The Association has its own Memorial to the unit in CAE GLAS Park, Oswestry to remember those who started their careers as Junior Leaders and are no longer with us.

The Memorial was constructed and dedicated in 2009 with some 300 + former Boys and Junior Leaders from all over the world on parade in Oswestry, exercising our right, IJLB having been granted the Freedom of Oswestry, to march through the town.

The Memorial was funded completely by donations from members and regimental associations. A formal dinner was held in one of the former gyms at Park Hall Camp on the Saturday prior to the parade on the Sunday morning, followed by a curry lunch. The entire proceedings being organized by a small three man Sub Committee of the Association.

Join Us

With the sad demise of virtually all the Regiments we knew and loved, the Association offers members and guests the chance to meet up with those you served with as young boys.

Our yearly reunions and regular social events attract ex juniors from all over the world and from all the intakes no matter where you were stationed as Junior Leaders over the years.

You will, no doubt find some old friends in attendance but the brotherhood between all ex juniors is so great you will soon feel at home and among friends who went through the same training. They all have amazing tales to tell!

The Association offers you the chance to catch up with pals from many, many years ago and also to make new friends, so why not become a member and revisit your youth.

If you were a member of any of the above units including Permanent Staff and Civilian Instructors you are eligible for membership and are very welcome to join us.

Simply fill in the Application form on the website to gain access to a host of benefits.