This is the current state of the IJLB and JIB sign at Hospital Hill Shorncliffe!

If we can get enough support from ex Shorncliffe intakes to join The Association we are proposing to engage in a project to renovate and re site this iconic memorial to all who served at The Camp.

We have a local ex Shorncliffe Junior who is willing to coordinate with us in this fabulous project. However we can’t get involved unless we obtain the support of you ex Shorncliffe juniors who need to join our ranks and get involved in The Association and this project.

This is your chance to make a difference and to ensure a lasting memory of the time you spent as a Junior Leader.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring those who served at Tuxford, Plymouth, Harrogate, Oswestry and Shorncliffe together within one project on behalf of all ex Junior Leaders.

To Donate go to The Association PRI shop and you can Donate directly from there by purchasing a donation

How much does it mean to you?

Join our ranks today and support this worthy cause.