Members Invite to AFC Harrogate

Association Members have been invited to visit AFC Harrogate on 19th March 2019.

Full details of the visit can be found in the Social Events Page of the website HERE

Will any member who is interested in this visit and furthering the relationship we have with today’s Junior Soldiers at the Uniacke Barracks please contact Ronnie Paterson our secretary on or via his mobile number 07919 334444 to book a place. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Association Presents New Colours to Oswestry Army Cadet Force

Association Presents New Colours to Oswestry Army Cadet Force

In Line with our objectives to support Junior Soldiers The Association Presented New Colours to Oswestry ACF.

Chairman Brian Kilty, Fred Howell and David Fraser represented the Association on Saturday 10th November to present the New Colours to The Oswestry Contingent of Shropshire Army Cadet Force. It was a particularly poignant day for Fred Howell who was a member of this same contingent of ACF prior to joining IJLB and having a successful career in the Forces. What made it more important was that the young men of Oswestry ACF were involved in a World War 1 reenactment of drill prior to Sundays 100th anniversary of the Armistice.


It was a timely presentation as The young lads were on parade the following day at Oswestry’s Remembrance parade where the new Standard was to be used for the first time.

Brian gave a short history of IJLB to those gathered for the ceremony and one of the ACF junior NCO’s gave a very well thought out vote of thanks. Our support for junior soldiers will continue as we develop relationships with both ACF and CCF contingents throughout the country

Chairman Brian Kilty reports

Over this last Remembrance Weekend, our Association has taken part, on behalf of all of us, in two events in Oswestry. One was the formal handing over of the new Colour Standard to Oswestry ACF Contingent that was donated by The Association. This cements a relationship with them and adds to our already mature and established relationship with Oswestry School CCF. The other was our participation in The Remembrance Parade and Service. Details of this later

The Oswestry Contingent have been, for the last few weeks, doing a WW1 re-enactment on Festival Square in town; dressing in WW1 uniforms, doing drills, cooking and of course collecting donations for The Poppy Appeal. Wonderful and committed young people. As Chairman, I was joined by Fred Howell (KSLI) and Dave Fraser (Royal Scots). We had hoped that Ray Ironmonger, our Life President, could be present, but he became a little ill that morning. He is recovering well. We decided that Fred would do the handover that was preceded by Brian giving a short talk on the history of IJLB and our Association.

Fred was chosen for his unique history as regards Oswestry and IJLB. Fred was born and raised in Oswestry, in Coppice Drive that for those who don’t know, is within sight of Park Hall. Fred also served in The Oswestry ACF Detachment before joining the army. Off went Fred in late 1958 to seek his future in IJLB, when it was in Plymouth; only to find himself back in Oswestry a year or so later, within sight of his home again. The presentation went very well and we were all really impressed by the Cadets – committing to both to a continuing relationship and to support them in the future


How to upload a profile picture

How to upload a profile picture

Hello everyone,

Over the next 2 week’s there will be more updates and tweaking to the website which will give members a better user experience.

Today we have added a new feature which allows you to upload a profile picture to your account. This was requested by several members and I’m pleased to say we have found a solution for this to work.

I have made a short video with step by step instructions for easier use.

If you would like to request more features or have ideas for our website send me an e-mail to



How to Reset Your Password

How to Reset Your Password

Hello to all members of IBB & IJLB


Some members have been having difficulties logging into the new website.

This is due to different security levels for passwords required using new and updated software. Please watch the short video below on how to reset your password so you can successfully log into the website.

I’m extremely proud to be apart of the development team and also to be assistance anytime for all members associated with IBB & IJLB.

I look forward to meeting you all in person in the near future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email me if you need any further help and support.

Kind regards

Glenn Freeman