PRI Shop

PRI Shop

Any profit from items sold here goes towards furthering the aim and objectives of the Association.

The Association keeps a small stock of each item which you can  purchase directly from us. Please state your requirements clearly

and make your cheques payable to “The IBB and IJLB Association”

Please send your Cheque to our Treasurer who is Geoff Camm 15, Dudley Road, St Mary’s Fields, Kingswinford, West Midlands DY6 8BT 

Electronic Payments can be made or you can pay by PayPal by searching  email

New Clothing Items available now. Beanies, Gilet’s, Fleeces, and different coloured shirts plus commemorative coins and and IJLB coasters.


IJLB Coasters

Only £1.00 add to an order for Free Delivery or order in packs of 6 plus £2 post and Packing

Commemorative Coins

Double Sided Commemorative Coins £8.00 plus £2 Post and Packing


Polo Shirts

Navy, White, Maroon and Green.
S=36 M=40 L=43 XL=45 XXL=48 XXXL=50

£15 +p&p

£15 +£3.30 p&p

Polo shirt sizes
S=36 M=40 L=43 XL=45 XXL=48 XXXL=50


£25 + p&p

£25 + £3.30 p&p

Jumper sizes
S=36 M=38/40 L=42 XL=44/46 XXL=48 XXXL=50


£35 + p&p

£35 + £3.30 p&p

Gilet sizes
S=36/38 M=38/40 L=40/42 XL=42/44 XXL=44/46


£20 + p&p

£20 + £3.30 p&p

Fleece sizes
S=36/38 M=38/40 L=40/42 XL=42/44 XXL=44/6 XXXL=46/48

Beannie    £10 + £2.80 p&p



£33.00 + £3.50 p&p


Blazer Badge

Cost:£15.00 P&P:£1.50

Lapel Badge

Cost:£7.00  P&P:£1.50

Cuff Links

Cost:£15.00   P&P:£2.50



Members Tie & Bows

Cost:£15.00  P&P:£2.50   Was