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 Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th March 2019


The IBB & IJLB Association have been invited to have a guided tour of the Army Foundation College Harrogate.

Your committee is keen to accept this kind offer to further our intention to foster relationships. There will be a programme for a visit issued in due course. However, it is felt that this also provides us with an opportunity to enjoy a visit to this historic town.  Those who wish to include partners, wives, girlfriends or both are most welcome. Travel will be under own arrangements.

This visit will be over two days with arrival on Monday 18th March.  Suitable hotel accommodation in Harrogate could be block booked if you wish. It will be self-funded, and payment will be required by 11th March 2019.  Monday Evening 18th March it is intended we hold an informal dinner for those interested.

For those attending just the AFC tour:

The visit to Uniacke Barracks on 19th March would be members only and will consist of one day commencing at 10.00 a.m. With a buffet lunch in the WO’s & Sgts Mess at the cost of £6.50 per person. The guided tour will be complete and dispersal at 4.30 p.m.

Details of personnel and car numbers will be required for security purposes.

If there is sufficient take up for wives and partners, a coach could be arranged to take our ladies into the centre of town for shopping therapy.

For those with longer journeys or those who wish to take the opportunity to continue the visit extra hotel accommodation could be booked for the Tuesday night (19th March)

Members and their Ladies who booked the extra night would then disperse on the morning of 20th March 2019.

Please contact Secretary soonest and certainly by 10th December if you wish to attend. Please state if you require one or two nights accommodation.

The Secretary is at or if you wish to contact him his mobile number is 07919 334444.

Once replies have been collated, you will be informed by the Monday 17th December.

Ronnie Paterson