Dedicated Veterans Orthopaedic Centre Update

Dedicated Veterans Orthopaedic Centre Update

First of its kind in UK

Attention all members who suffer with hip or knee problems!

Did you know that Oswestry boasts the first dedicated Veterans Orthopaedic Centre where us ex squaddies can be fast tracked for treatment?

Run by Lt. Colonel Carl Meyer RAMC, who established clinics for veterans some years ago, this new centre will allow him to operate out of a dedicated set up providing a full range of orthopaedic care to veterans and military personnel in an environment that is familiar to them and address their specific needs.

Association Chairman Brian Kilty says”The facility here at Oswestry Orthopaedic Hospital (world renown) is exclusively for veterans and referral is via your GP. Anyone coming should let me know and I would be delighted to meet and greet and support any admin etc.”

Last week  w/c 15/10/2018 a launch for the Centre was held in Westminster where fundraisers presented a cheque for £100,000.

Our Chairman Brian Kilty attended the function in his capacity of a member of the fundraising organisation and on behalf of The Association.

Rubbing shoulders with many in high positions we continue to support veterans from all services.

Both individuals and organisations can support this project. Please contact our Chairman for further details.