Roll of Honour

Here we pay tribute to our colleagues who have received Gallantry Awards and tell their amazing stories and to those who have been honoured by Her Majesty The Queen.


24140941 Sgt Richard George Garmory Grenadier Guards Awarded The Military Medal. Rick was a Junior Leader in Oswestry. 

At 1145 hours on 21st December 1978 Sgt Garmory was in charge of a multiple of twelve men engaged in patrolling the town of XMG. The multiple was broken down into three four-man patrols one at each end of the town and one responsible for the centre. Sgt Garmory’s patrol 24L was patrolling along Newry Road. He was the leading soldier in the patrol with the light machine gun deployed to his rear, and two riflemen across the street. When he was approximately 50 metres away from what appeared to be a post office delivery wagon loaded to the roof with parcels, Sergeant Garmory noticed what appeared to be 4 unusual slits in the piles of parcels. He raised his Self-Loading Rifle to his shoulder in order to use the Night Sight to gain better definition of the vehicle. At this moment several things happened at once. Sergeant Garmory opened fire as rapid automatic fire was brought to bear on all members of the patrol from the wagon. After firing his complete magazine into the back of the terrorists’ wagon he gave a quick contact report and without any thought for his own life engaged the enemy, meanwhile behind him the other members of his patrol were all lying mortally wounded. Realising that his patrol was in desperate danger Sergeant Garmory then ran back, still under fire, picked up the light machine gun from the wounded Guardsman behind him and fired the complete magazine at the still stationary vehicle. During this exchange of fire the vehicle began to move away. Sergeant Garmory then ran across the road, picked up the Self Loading Rifle of another wounded Guardsman and fired a further 4 rounds at the retreating vehicle.


It is not clear at this point in time whether any terrorists were wounded or killed by Sergeant Garmory’s actions. Certainly the rear of the enemy vehicle was hit a number of times and enemy fire was halted at one stage as if a man had been hit, but what is beyond a doubt is that in the face of intense and accurate enemy fire at close quarters, and with his patrol in desperate danger, Sergeant Garmory fought like a tiger. He showed a burning courage and a fighting spirit beyond praise; his actions were truly heroic. He has set an example as a fighting soldier of single-minded purpose and high courage which is an inspiration to us all.

For his courage, aggressive resolve and fighting spirit in the face of great danger Sergeant Garmory deserves high recognition. 

Lt Colonel Graham Lacey

IJLB Oswestry 1964 Grenadier Guards. Transferred to SASC 1973 Awarded MBE Queens Birthday Honours List 1996.

Tony Baker

IJLB Oswestry 1960/1962 Queens Own Buffs/2nd Queens Regiment MBE Civil Division for services to The City of Belfast in The New Years Honours List 1996

Keith Bath

IJLB 1970 to 1972 Awarded The British Empire Medal Queens Birthday Honours 1988.

Keith J Anderson

IJLB Shorncliffe 1979 Black Watch. Transferred to SASC Awarded MBE in 2004 New Years Honours List for Services to Infantry Training

Ray Walker

IJLB Oswestry Scots Guards1966 to 1968 Awarded MBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours List 1991

Lt Colonel Michael Rescorle

 Oswestry 1965-1967

Michael was Mentioned in Dispatches in 1983 after Counter Terrorist Operations

Major Gerry Glanville

Gerry Glanville was a member of 3 Royal Irish 

In 1990 Gerry was Mentioned in Despatches for his work in counter terrorism whilst serving in Northern Ireland.

The following recipients of honours are also known but we are awaiting further details.


  • Charles Torkington IJLB Oswestry 1966 to 1968 Mentioned in Dispatches Northern Ireland 1987( No Further Info for Security Reasons)
  • Dave Redfern IJLB Oswestry 1972 Awarded British Empire Medal
  • Bill Nicol Scots Guards Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • Ron Mackenzie Scots Guards MBE
  • Ron Willie Scots Guards LVO
  • Jimmy Macfarlane BEM