Membership Benefits

So What’s in it for Me?

By joining The Association you support us in our objectives of bringing together those who served at Tuxford, Harrogate,Plymouth, Oswestry and Shorncliffe as Infantry Junior Leaders.

You obtain access to the Association Forum where old and new friends can communicate privately as only members have access.

You can add photographs to the Photographic Archive we are building to ensure the memories and the role of the Infantry Junior Leader is remembered in our digital Archives.

You obtain discounts from our PRI Shop and obtain special prices for any Social Events including our Annual Reunions.

You can take part in our activities to promote the role of The Junior Soldier in today’s British Army through our activities with The Army Foundation College, School Combined Cadet Forces and with local Army Cadet Forces.

You can obtain access to range of partners who offer special deals for our members including Insurance, holidays and travel and much more.(We are currently negotiating with numerous new partners).

We are adding more benefits for members as we move forward. If any member as specific requests for services to be added please email

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