We asked 1,400 members of our Facebook Group if Recruitment of Juniors

to The British Army should continue?

We had an amazing response.

The following is an initial result from this survey.

97.8% Say Junior Entry Should Continue.

Respondents served up to 40 years in the armed forces.

Respondents reached the following Ranks after Junior Service.

Private/Guardsman/Fusilier or Ranger 12.5%

Corporal/LCorporal 16.6%

L/Sgt/SGT 28.1%

Colour or Staff Sgt 6.25%

WO11 8.5%

WO1 4.1%

Lt 1%

Captain 7.3%

Major 10.4%

Lt Colonel 5.25%

This amazing result after Junior Training proved the system worked.

Replies received from Association Members 80.9%

Non members requesting details of Association 18%

Where Respondents served as Junior Leaders

Tuxford 3.4%

Plymouth 6.7%

Oswestry 69%

Shorncliffe 20.9%

The Comments on how Junior Service helped both in Service and in Civilian careers were amazing.

We will put a selection of these together for members to see on our website.

Thank You all for participating in this survey.